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LATEST VIDEO: UNDERSTAIRS STORAGE Walkthrough, Joinery Vlog, Notes from a Small Workshop (NFASW) Apr 2018 [119]

Welcome to Gosforth Handyman – as well as running a little joinery business in Newcastle, UK, I also make YouTube videos. My aim is to provide a little light entertainment for all you hard working makers out there! For me a break is always accompanied by a cup of coffee so put your feet up for 10 minutes, don’t forget to Subscribe to my YouTube thing and #drinkcoffeemakestuff

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Ear Candy Record Crate

Even though I’m a drummer I love music. In this project I wanted to make a storage crate for vinyl records using reclaimed materials. I wanted a dark finish to match in with existing furniture and also liked the look of steampunk-ish copper handles and legs, complete with brass brackets.

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That’s Original Sign

This project was a little Christmas present for my wife who runs a sewing business. I made a 3D internal sign to match her logo using MDF and various other materials. You can read the whole article here or watch the video below. This was a fun project – hope you enjoy it!

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