How to fix an Asus Transformer T102 that won’t stay on?

Asus Transformer T102

Just occasionally I run in to a tech problem that’s so weird it’s beyond annoying or frustrating. Today I switched on my Asus Transformer T102 Mini laptop thing only to find it wouldn’t power up. In this article I’ll explain how I fixed the problem, but what you see on the picture above is my laptop… charging an external battery pack, running with the processor at 100% and the screen on full brightness in an attempt to drain the battery. Oh, and I’ve had to tape an eraser to the power button so that it doesn’t turn itself off. Well done Asus, well done… <slow clap> Continue reading “How to fix an Asus Transformer T102 that won’t stay on?”

Walking on Sunshine!

Walking on Sunshine

In case you’re not aware, over the last couple of weeks the UK has been hit by an arctic blast of biblical proportions, or at least that’s what the media would have you believe. To be fair, the North East of England was hit pretty hard – there was an amber weather warning covering the North of the UK for a few days… which encompassed the North East… and there was another amber weather warning that covered the South of the UK for a few more days… which also encompassed the North East. Continue reading “Walking on Sunshine!”

I’ve Started a Blog… and Bought a Bandsaw!

Blog Bandsaw

This is quite exciting, I’ve started a real life, actual blog! Sometimes I just don’t have the time or inclination to put a video together, especially after a long day in the workshop. As much as I love making videos you do have to be in the right mood and if I’m tired and lethargic after a full-on day that really comes across on the screen! I love writing so this is a much more relaxing way for me to get my thoughts down and hopefully it’s something I can do more often. Continue reading “I’ve Started a Blog… and Bought a Bandsaw!”