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Wherever you are in the world, a very warm welcome to Gosforth Handyman! I’m Andy Mac and as well as running a busy little joinery & woodworking business I also make YouTube videos. My aim is to pass on some of the knowledge, tips and experience I’ve picked up over my years of making and fixing stuff. Whether you’re an experienced trades-person or just enjoy some weekend DIY, hopefully you’ll find this site useful, entertaining and perhaps it will even give you some inspiration to make something for yourself! For me a break is always accompanied by a cup of coffee so put your feet up for 10 minutes, don’t forget to Subscribe to my YouTube thing and #drinkcoffeemakestuff

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Best Screws for MDF

What are the best screws for MDF? Test Tuesday! [152]

Today we're looking at screws for using in the face grain of MDF. These are commonly used for things like ...
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How To Use Wall Bolts

Heavy Stuff on Walls – How to use Wall Bolts [151]

Have you ever wanted to attach something really heavy to a wall, floor or ceiling? And I mean stupidly heavy ...
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Clamps for Wood

Are Clamps for Wood Pointless? Test Tuesday! [150]

Have you ever wondered whether clamping up glue joints actually does anything? How much difference does it make if you ...
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Low Maintenance Homes

Low Maintenance Homes – How Do Hotels Do it? [149]

Whenever I talk to homeowners about buying a new home, designing a home or just doing some remodeling work I ...
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Asus Transformer T102

How to fix an Asus Transformer T102 that won’t stay on?

Just occasionally I run in to a tech problem that's so weird it's beyond annoying or frustrating. Today I switched ...
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How Strong are Biscuit Joints

How Strong are Biscuit Joints? Test Tuesday! [148]

Have you ever wondered what difference it makes using biscuits in a woodworking joint? Do they actually make the joint ...
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Products I Use

I’m often asked what joinery / carpentry tools and products are used in my videos so I’ve put together a quick list to help you find some of them. If you don’t need to buy any tools at the moment there are loads of other ways you can help support this site, many of which won’t cost you a penny and all of which make you totally awesome! A lot of the products vary from country-to-country so at the moment I’ve split these by stuff available from Amazon UK and Amazon USA:

UK-Based Product List

Tools I Use - UK

USA-Based Product List

Tools I Use - US

Obviously some of the tools I use are old and you can’t buy them any more, so I’ve tried to find equivalent newer models where possible, or models I’d consider purchasing when my tools finally give up the ghost. Please do your own homework – my product links are just intended as a guide to point you in the right direction. Thank you for your support!