You don’t have to support this site, everything on here is free! However if you do want to chuck something in the pot to help keep this thing going that would be totally awesome! As you can imagine, thousands of hours of work have gone in to making my videos and this web site but the good news is there’s LOADS of ways you can help out that won’t cost you a penny! Have a look through the list below and see what suits. Thank you!

1. Through Patreon

As a thank you for supporting me on Patreon I’ll give you access to job pricing information, extra videos, behind the scenes footage and much more. All for just $1 and for $5 you’ll get a shout-out in my videos!

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2. Buy Tools & Products I Use

Visit the UK page or USA page to see what products I use, have used or might consider using. This won’t cost you a penny extra!

3. Buy Stuff from Amazon

If you need to buy something from Amazon you can also use either of the two links below to make your purchase from Amazon UK or Amazon USA:

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4. Buy Stuff from ManoMano

ManoMano is a team of enthusiastic DIYers who wake up every day with one objective: to make your home improvement and gardening projects easier. ManoMano is a marketplace, a trustworthy intermediary between you and the seller who sells their products on the ManoMano site. ManoMano do not own any stock and do not handle logistics: the sellers send your products directly to you.

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5. Buy Some Quality UK-based Web Hosting

If you need a web site you also need a web site host. I’ve used Tsohost for hosting my WordPress web sites for many years and can highly recommend them. They’ve been ultra-reliable, they’re UK-based and their customer service has always been fantastic. Use offer code ‘andymac‘ you’ll get 10% off!

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6. Buy Some Awesome US-based Web Hosting

Everyone seems to rave on about how good Bluehost are – give them a try if you want US-based web hosting!

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