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I’m Andy Mac and I run the Gosforth Handyman channel on YouTube. I love teaching people about how things work and hopefully you can learn from some of my projects. From putting up a set of shelves through to how houses in the UK are built and much more. A very warm welcome to you wherever you are in the world!

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Tools & Products I Use

Not sure what tools to buy? Confused by the vast range of options out there? I’m often asked what tools I use or what I’d recommend for a particular job. So here’s a list to help you find some of them.

Tools and Products I Use

Obviously some of the tools I use are old and you can’t buy them any more, so I’ve tried to find equivalent newer models where possible, or models I’d consider purchasing when tools finally give up the ghost. Hope you find this useful!

DIY Articles

How to Soundproof a Ceiling

How to create a Soundproof Ceiling

Welcome back to our series about creating a soundproof studio room. It's time to tackle the ceiling, one of the ...
Mouldy Silicone on a Shower

How to Re-Silicone a Mouldy Shower

Do you have a shower or bath with old, black, mouldy silicone? Is the silicone damaged and is the shower ...
Essential Drill Bits

The only 16 drill bits you’ll ever need!

Are you stuck with hundreds of plastic library cassettes full of drill bits but whenever you open them the one ...
How To Use a Tape Measure

How to use a Tape Measure

Learning how to use a tape measure properly is an essential life skill. I'm forever seeing people using this simple ...
How Do You Paint Melamine

How to Paint Melamine?

Melamine or Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) can be a total nightmare to paint but in this article I'm going to ...
Attach to Dot and Dab

How to attach ANYTHING to a Dot and Dab wall?

Dot and dab walls are hated by many and loved by few BUT in this article I'm going to be ...

New Build Houses in the UK

Thinking of buying a new build?

This is a topic very close to my heart. We’ve lived in all sorts of houses over the years – from very old houses through to very new houses. I’ve also worked in hundreds of new builds and lived in one for over 8 years. In this series I’m dispelling all the myths and fear mongering. What is new build life really like?

How New Houses are Built in the UK

How are New Houses Built in the UK?

Thinking of buying a new house in the UK? Worried that new builds aren't as good as older houses? I've ...
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New Build Houses UK

How Are UK Houses Built? Internals & Showhomes

Welcome back to this special series all about new build houses in the UK. Last time we looked at how ...
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Low Maintenance Homes

Low Maintenance Homes – How Do Hotels Do it?

Whenever I talk to homeowners about buying a new home, designing a home or just doing some remodeling work I ...
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Inside a UK New Build

New Build Internals and Utilities

Welcome back to our series about new build houses in the UK. We've already had a look at how the ...
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The Newcastle Great Park Project

This neatly ties in with my series about new build houses. Newcastle Great Park is one of the biggest new-build projects in the north of England. I lived here for many years and worked in many of the houses. I know this estate intimately so thought I’d put together a series documenting its growth over the years.

New Build Houses in the UK

The Newcastle Great Park Project

Newcastle Great Park is one of the biggest housing developments in the North of England. It's a new suburb of ...
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Newcastle Great Park

Newcastle Great Park – 2013 Updates

Let's rewind back to 2013 and see how this huge housing estate has evolved over the years. From the building ...
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Newcastle Great Park

Newcastle Great Park – 2014 Updates

Newcastle Great Park is a housing estate in North East England. It's been under construction since 2001 and in this ...
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New House Under Construction

Newcastle Great Park – 2015 Updates

Let's have a look at how Great Park is getting along! Newcastle Great Park (NGP) is a huge housing development ...
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Newcastle Great Park

Newcastle Great Park – 2016 Updates

Welcome back to my series about the evolution of Newcastle Great Park, one of the biggest housing developments in the ...
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Newcastle Great Park

Newcastle Great Park – 2017 Updates

Another busy year in Newcastle Great Park! Cell E (Brunton Green) is nearing completion, work has started on the large ...
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