Gosforth Handyman is one of the UK’s most watched property maintenance channels on YouTube. Covering a wide range of topics from simple property repairs through to some quite advanced commercial woodworking. The aim of the channel is to give you useful, practical information to help with repair jobs you may encounter either personally or as part of your trade. It’s a relaxed, informal place to learn and be entertained in the world of domestic properties.

The channel was set up by Andy MacLellan who has always had a passion for making things. Andy has been making things with wood since he was about 8 years old. His dad was an auto-electrician so he was always hanging about in his workshop ‘helping’. This fascination with making stuff has stood by him for his whole life. From Lego though to model making. He’s always had the attitude of “If I can’t afford it I’ll just make it!”.

Andy has done a lot of different stuff in an attempt to grow up. He’s technically trained as a studio engineer but ended up working in IT for almost 17 years. Music is another passion and he used to teach the drums part-time. The one constant, apart from his wonderful family, music and coffee, has been making stuff. While everything else was going on Andy completed some quite significant property renovations and restorations. He also ran a very successful property maintenance and woodworking business for several years. Life is now dedicated to helping others learn through digital content creation.

Check out some of Andy’s other channels such as the Small Business Toolbox and the Measuring Up Podcast – the UK’s first commercial joinery podcast.

Remember pretty much everything in a workshop can kill you. Stay safe and take care folks!