About Me

Hi there! My name is Andy MacLellan and I make stuff …mostly out of wood. I also love making YouTube videos and hopefully they’ll help and inspire you to make your own stuff. I’ve made things with wood since I was about 8 years old. My dad was an auto-electrician so I was always hanging about in his workshop ‘helping’. He gave me bits of wood and sharp tools to shut me up to be honest. This fascination with making stuff has stood by me for my whole life. From Lego though to model making and RC. I always had the attitude of “If I can’t afford it I’ll just make it!”.

I’ve done a lot of different stuff in an attempt to grow up, from working in IT through to teaching drums (music is another passion of mine). Probably the one constant in my life, apart from my wonderful family, music and coffee, has been making stuff. I’m now fortunate enough to run a busy little joinery business in the North East of the UK. My YouTube channel is there to provide a little light entertainment for makers around the world.

As I’ve been self employed for most of my life I’ve also got a sister web site called the Small Business Toolbox. This is mostly full of useful (hopefully!) self employment and small business information.

I seem to be developing a collection of YouTube channels, not really the original plan, but it’s just how things have ended up! Here goes:

If any of the above floats your boat give it a visit and subscribe. Remember everything in my workshop wants to kill me. Stay safe and take care folks!

Andy Mac  🙂