Affiliate Links

We’re really not big fans of pop-up cookie warnings and adverts that track your every move. This site makes use of data protection by design and default. That means the site is designed to keep your personal information well away from this website. We generally don’t need it and don’t want it! The only time we need your personal information is if you place a direct order with us via the shop.

Instead, this site makes use of affiliate links from various companies. Affiliate links are awesome since they help to fund the website and don’t cost you any extra. Most of the affiliate links on here are based on our personal experience with those products. If we ever find a product that hasn’t lived up to its reputation we remove it from our list of recommended products. We’re not tied to any particular vendor and can be unbiased with what we say about products. We are required by law to tell you that as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

When you click on an affiliate link the seller passes a small percentage our way as a ‘thank you’ for passing the business their way. The seller pays for this, not you. We have no involvement with the sale and any personal information you give to the seller is NOT passed on to us. We try to only recommend products that we either have used, currently use or would use. Obviously not all products are available in all countries so this isn’t always possible but if you find an affiliate link that either doesn’t work or a product that you don’t think we should be listing, please let us know. Thank you for your support in making websites a better overall experience for everyone!