Top 10 Biscuit Jointer Tips & Tricks!

Today I’m showing you my TOP 10 biscuit joiner tips and tricks. A biscuit joiner is also known as a biscuit jointer, plate joiner or plate jointer… probably among other things. I call it a biscuit jointer, no idea why. Anyway, here’s some tips for you!

Watch the full tips video here!

What is a biscuit joiner?

A biscuit joiner also gets known as a biscuit jointer, plate jointer or plate joiner. It’s a fantastic piece of kit for any woodworking shop as it can be used to join two pieces of wood together in many different ways. The biscuit joiner cuts a small slot in the wood and you use a wooden ‘biscuit’ in the slot to create the joint. I like to use Titebond II woodglue for this but you can use whatever wood glue you like.

What is a biscuit joint?

A biscuit joint is a joint created using wooden biscuits glued in to slots created by a biscuit jointer!

Top 10 Biscuit Joiner Tips

Here are my personal top 10 tips for using a biscuit joiner – watch the video and this will make a lot more sense:

  1. Use dust extraction if at all possible
  2. Mark your face cuts so you don’t mix them up with edge cuts
  3. Mark your reference edges
  4. Keep hands away from path of blade
  5. Use the biscuit joiner as the alignment edge
  6. I mainly use #20 biscuits – make sure you have plenty of those!
  7. I generally use around 200mm (approx. 8″) spacing between biscuits
  8. The height adjustment is only for if you’re using the fence
  9. Clamp once, cut twice
  10. Dust port hack for the DW682

Product Links to Stuff I Use

If you’re looking to get in to biscuit joinery here are some product links to biscuit joinery stuff on Amazon:

  • DeWalt DW682K Biscuit Joiner – UK or US
  • Titebond II Premium Wood Glue – UK or US
  • Trend No. 20 Biscuits (1000 x) – UK or US
  • Trend No. 10 Biscuits (100 x) – UK or US

This video is part of the Gosforth Handyman Tips Library – video GHTL#22. I’ve just said that so it comes up in search!

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