How to Block Up a Garage Door – Making a Small Workshop (Part 3)

In Part 3 of my workshop upgrade I’m blocking up a garage door. This greatly helps sound insulation, heat insulation and gives me an extra wall to put stuff on. It also doesn’t change the look of the building from the outside, which is an added bonus.

Watch the full video here:

How I Block up a Garage Door - Workshop Upgrade Part 3

This is basically a little stud wall, very similar to what I did in part 1 of this series. Again, I only wanted this to be a temporary structure in case we move or I need access to the other garage door… for something. So everything is screwed together and can be dismantled relatively easily. I attached the top plate in to the roof truss chords using wood screws. I used some temporary marking blocks to help get them in the correct position – these were just held on with hot-melt glue. The bottom plate was screwed to the concrete, sealed and painted to protect everything against any water that might run in under the garage door.

Since there’s no ‘back’ on this wall other than the garage door itself, I fitted some string supports on the back side of the studs to keep the insulation away from the garage door. The air gap between the door and the insulation should help keep the heat in. The insulation was fitted and temporarily held in place using masking tape.

The framework was then clad using 18mm MDF panels, all screwed in place using Turbogold woodscrews. Blocking up the garage door makes a HUGE difference in the workshop, both in terms of noise and heat insulation. It also gives me a really strong wall to hang stuff on! This will later become one of my main wood storage walls.

Last updated: 9 Nov 2016
Originally published: 9 Nov 2016


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