Building An Aluminium & Plastic Greenhouse

I’m building a greenhouse and it’s really windy! This is an aluminium framed greenhouse with polycarbonate / plastic panels. The customer already had a wooden base built ready to install the greenhouse on, which is a great start.

It was very windy when I was doing this install and I was by myself so I had to improvise a bit to hold things in position until the structure was at least self supporting.

You can watch the full video here:

Building an Aluminium / Polycarbonate Greenhouse... it was windy!

Once the main structure of the greenhouse was built it was relatively simple to put everything else together. Just like a big Meccano set really! I used yellow Frogtape to temporarily hold sections together. Once all four sides were built the greenhouse was largely self-supporting. Note around 2m 30s in the video where I’m using a long diagonal piece on each side to stop it from collapsing on itself. This is one of those projects where the further through the build you get the easier it becomes.

Before putting the diagonal cross-braces in place make sure you use a spirit level to get everything plumb and square. Once everything was assembled the greenhouse was securely screwed to the wooden base. The whole build took 4-5 hours in total – might have been a bit quicker had it not been so windy. Obviously if you have someone to help you hold everything together until it’s self-supporting this would help a lot!

Last updated: 2 Jul 2016
Originally published: 2 Jul 2016


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