Cast Iron Downpipe Replacement

I don’t normally do this sort of work but it was for a regular customer. Today I’m ripping out an old cast iron downpipe and replacing it with a new plastic hopper and downpipe.

You can watch the full video here:

Replacing a Cast Iron Drainpipe / Downpipe & Hopper with Plastic

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The old cast iron downpipe was damaged and needed entirely replaced, including the under-sized hopper. On old Victorian houses sometimes these can literally just fall off the wall. Other times, like this, they just don’t watch to budge. I had to use a lump hammer to break the pipe into manageable sections and remove the old pipe nails and hooks. This was tricky while up a ladder.

Andy Mac

Andy runs a busy bespoke woodworking business,making everything from custom furniture through to commercial display systems. He's been self employed most of his life, runs various YouTube channels and is co-host of the UK's first commercial joinery podcast.
Andy Mac