Cast Iron Downpipe Replacement

I don’t normally do this sort of work but it was for a regular customer. Today I’m ripping out an old cast iron downpipe and replacing it with a new plastic hopper and downpipe.

You can watch the full video here:

Replacing a Cast Iron Drainpipe / Downpipe & Hopper with Plastic

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The old cast iron downpipe was damaged and needed entirely replaced, including the under-sized hopper. On old Victorian houses sometimes these can literally just fall off the wall. Other times, like this, they just don’t watch to budge. I had to use a lump hammer to break the pipe into manageable sections and remove the old pipe nails and hooks. This was tricky while up a ladder.

Andy Mac

For many years Andy ran a successful property maintenance business. He's established and run award winning companies over the years and has been self employed most of his life. He now shares his experiences via several YouTube channels and the UK's first commercial joinery podcast.
Andy Mac