Death Of My Workshop Radio! [4]

I’ve had this trusty Amstrad radio ghetto blaster thing in my workshop for years. Before that it was our decorating radio. Before that I stole it off my wife. It’s about 20 years old, had many quirks but everything ends…

Watch the full video here:

Death of My Amstrad Workshop Radio! – Gosforth Handyman [4]

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It had a double cassette deck. It had a CD player that made strange grinding noises. It had an LED display. It even had a radio! In all fairness the sound quality from this thing that’s been left out in the rain, tripped over, stood on, kicked and generally abused for 20 years was pretty awesome! I particularly liked the play button with the triangle pointing the wrong way. Was this before play button symbols had been standardised?!

Amstrad Play Button

The CD player stopped working some time ago, but the radio still worked! Sadly though eventually even that gave up the ghost and it was time to go a journey. Thank you Amstrad Ghetto Blaster – you served us well.

As a further update, I ended up buying a cheap amp off Gumtree for £10 to go with some JPW speakers I had in the loft. My new workshop sound system is totally awesome!!