Making My Drill Dust Catcher

If you ever drill holes in walls you’ll know that you need some way of catching the drill dust. Today I’m showing you how I make my drill dust catcher. Welcome to the Gosforth Handyman Tips Library!

Watch the video here:

Making a Drill Dust Catcher from a Milk Carton - DIY Tips!

Welcome to the first video of the Gosforth Handyman Tips Library (#GHTL)! A series of random joinery and DIY tips that I’ve picked up over the years. Search for GHTL on YouTube or #GHTL on Instagram and hopefully they’ll come up.

Making a drill dust catcher

To make my patent dust catcher all you need is an empty big plastic milk carton – the wider the better, I use the 3.4L (6 pint) ones. Obviously wash it out properly so that it doesn’t stink of rotten milk.

Cut the milk carton in half so that the bottom section is around 4-5″ high. Then cut a kind of V shape section out at the front to allow enough room for the drill to have easy access.

I then use Yellow Frogtape (here if you’re in the US) to hold the dust catcher to the wall while I drill my holes! Be careful…

  • Even the Delicate Surface Frogtape can pull paint off walls where the wall hasn’t been properly primed first
  • If the customer has used poor quality paints the Frogtape may happily remove it from the wall
  • Be very careful on wallpapers!

You can remove a bit of the tack from the tape by sticking it to your shirt first. On really delicate surfaces you might want to do this a few times… but obviously the more you do it the less it will stick to the wall.

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