Using an Electric Pencil Sharpener for Woodworking

One of my favourite workshop gadgets is my electric pencil sharpener. I use it every day and like them so much I’ve bought 5 of them!

Here’s the tip video:

Electric Pencil Sharpeners are Life Changing! DIY Tips!

Using an electric pencil sharpener for woodworking

I originally bought a Derwent electric pencil sharpener (that’s the one in the video). I’ve since upgraded to one with a helical blade as it’s much less prone to snapping the pencil leads.

The Derwent one lasted pretty well – probably a couple of years, however as the blades started to get blunt I found I was having problems with the sharpness and leads breaking.

The ones with a helical blade are MUCH better, to the point that I now have one in the workshop, one in my office and I’m getting one to live in my toolbox. I’ve also bought one for each of the kids… ’cause once you have one of these I guarantee your cherubs will want to use them ALL THE TIME!

To folk saying you can sharpen a pencil just as quickly with a Stanley knife… sorry but you’re wrong. Just try it and you’ll never go back!

How long do the batteries last?

I’ve found the batteries last an amazingly long time – I probably change them about every 6 months but obviously it depends how often you’re sharpening your pencils. The sharpeners with the helical blades seem to be more efficient and last longer.

Are electric pencil sharpeners expensive?

My first Derwent one was about £7 but they’re not made any more. The new ones I bought were about £14 each. Worth every penny in my view!

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