Evolution Rage1-B Circular Saw Review

Let’s have a quick look at this Evolution circular saw. This is the Evolution Rage1-B saw. I’ll do a quick unboxing and talk you through what I think of it in the article below – welcome to this Evolution circular saw review!

Product Name: Evolution Rage B Circular Saw
Street Price: £70

Watch the unboxing video here:

Evolution Circular Saw (Rage B) - Unboxing & First Use

Evolution Rage1-B circular saw specs

  • Around £70 in the UK
  • 185mm multipurpose blade
  • 1200W
  • Cuts wood, steel & aluminium with the same blade
  • 3700 rpm
  • 4.4kg
  • 110V & 230V models
  • 3 year warranty

Evolution circular saw review

At £70 we’re in the same price range as Titan, Hitachi and Erbauer saws, plus Bosch and Makita coming in when you pass the £90 mark, so competition is going to be stiff! Out of the box it comes with the usual parallel edge guide and hex key for changing the blade.

The parallel edge guide seems to work perfectly well, using a small, plastic, bright orange thumb screw to lock it in position. There’s similar thumb turns for the angle adjustment (0-45 degrees) and depth adjustment (max 60mm at 90 degrees. In fact pretty much everything you might want to adjust, turn or fiddle with has a big orange plastic knob on, so there’s no confusion over what you should and shouldn’t be messing with.

The trigger-side handle grip is pleasant enough to use plus there’s the front handle (also big and orange) which is at a comfortable angle for most cuts. There’s no dust extraction, which is common for saws at this level. Also the depth adjustment is a little clunky but perfectly robust and usable.

The blade guard has a nice positive return spring which is an important feature often lacking on other saws. I’ve seen a few circular saws where the blade guard can ‘jam’ in the open position after use – there doesn’t seem to be any fear of that with this circular saw.

The verdict

OK, so it’s still got the e-cheapo plastic mains cable, which is also a little on the short side. This seems to be a permanent fixture on most Evolution gear and I can only hope they replace this with better quality rubber flex on newer models. I for one would happily pay £5 more for a saw with a better cable! Apart from that this is a great little circular saw for the money. Very capable and decently powerful. The multi-purpose blade is particularly useful for ripping through old pallets where you’re never quite sure what you’re going to hit.

Of course if you need a circular saw for cutting sheet metal this is a great choice. At the end of the day a decent saw blade can set you back £40 and here we have an amazing multi-cut blade in a robust saw for just £70. Last I checked, this saw had overwhelmingly positive reviews on the Screwfix web site with 94% of owners recommending it – impressive! Whether you’re a trade or DIY user it’s a great choice at this price range – it’s a no brainer really!

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