Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sponsor a video or your entire channel?

We’re always open to interesting sponsorship opportunities that are relevant to the channel and our loyal viewers. We pride ourselves in providing independent and unbiased information so expect us to be honest. Please bear in mind that we receive hundreds of ‘spam’ sponsorship requests every month so do bear with us as it’s easy to miss the legitimate ones! Click here to get in touch.

Can I send you some tools or products to be featured on your channel?

If you’d like your tools to be featured in our videos then by all means send us some! We do try to only feature products we like and would use so please get in touch and we can take things from there.

Can you make a video about xyz for me?

If there’s an interesting topic you’d like us to cover by all means get in touch! Don’t expect it to happen any time soon as video production takes a long time and we normally plan our videos several months in advance. Unfortunately we’re somewhat bound by the will of the YouTube algorithm so there’s certain topics we’d love to make videos about but we know they’d get hardly any views so it’s a bit pointless. Always open to fresh ideas though!

Can you give me some free DIY advice?

Sorry but we can’t give free advice for specific DIY tasks but there are hundreds of videos on our channel covering everything from putting up a shelf to building alcove units. You could also subscribe to the Member Zone where there’s a whole load of additional content and even a free member forum where you can ask questions and get some tips from other members.

How do I send you a sticker or other stuff?

We had to remove our address from this site since we were being sent too much spam. If you’d like to send us something get in touch and we’ll give you the address. Thank you!

Where can I buy an official T-shirt?

From here. You will look awesome!

Do you attend woodworking shows and exhibitions?

It’s something we’d love to do more often but there’s not much stuff like this in the North East and getting the time to travel is tricky.

Can you send me something for free?

I’m afraid we’re asked to send out free stuff pretty much every day so sadly it’s no longer practical or financially viable to do this. If you’ve enjoyed the thousands of hours of free video content then it would be massively appreciated if you could buy stickers, pencils, tape measures etc. from our little shop. Doing so helps us make more videos. Thank you!

I need a handyman to do some work – can you help?

I’m afraid not. This web site is for the Gosforth Handyman YouTube channel and I we longer do client work.

Do you actually run a handyman business?

Andy used to run a very successful property maintenance and woodworking business. Our focus these days is helping others to learn from our experiences over the years in the fields of property maintenance, woodworking, DIY and business topics.

Was being a handyman hard?

Running a successful handyman business is the hardest job in the world! OK, with the exception of brain surgery… and teaching. Teaching is really hard! Well done to all the teachers out there. How you do all that with a hangover is beyond me. Oh and nurses… and doctors… and anyone who’s going to fix us when we cut a limb off – you’re all awesome. And a bunch of other jobs are harder too. But yes, being a good handyman is hard. It means being able to turn your hand to just about anything, make a perfect job of it and charge enough that other trades don’t think you’re trying to undercut them. The array of tools you need to carry for even the most basic of jobs is immense. You also have to put up with a minority of customers who view tradespeople as being beneath them and expect you to work for below minimum wage. It’s a very rewarding and varied job though and there’s no shortage of work!

What metal / pipe / cable detector do you use?

We get asked this a lot! It’s a Bosch PDO 6 – sadly not made any more but ours has lasted forever. Check out the links on the products I use pages.

How can I help support your channel?

Honestly, your kind words and comments are more than enough and please don’t support us if you can’t afford to do so! Why not join the Member Zone for a whole bunch of extra content? Also have a look at some of the business stuff on here or some of the products I use here.┬áThank you so much!