Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a video about xyz for me?

If there’s an interesting topic you’d like me to cover by all means get in touch! Don’t expect it to happen any time soon as I’m always massively behind when it comes to editing! Unfortunately I am somewhat bound by the will of the YouTube algorithm so there’s certain topics I’d love to make videos about but I know they’d get hardly any views so it’s a bit pointless.

Can I sponsor your channel?

Sorry but my YouTube channel is a sponsorship-free zone! I don’t want to work with a single manufacturer or vendor since it puts me in an awkward position and means I can no longer be unbiased and independent. I’m more than happy to discuss affiliate options providing my viewers don’t have to pay any extra. If you’d like to discuss direct advertising on this website please get in touch as this may be an option in the future.

Can I send you some tools or products to be featured on your channel?

Yes BUT… the tools should be sent as a no-obligation gift. I can’t sign any sort of ‘agreement’ before receiving stuff and the products are effectively valueless to me. I’m not prepared to cover any costs in connection with the arrangement – so for example if you want the tools back you’ll need to cover the shipping. Please get in touch beforehand and I’ll let you know whether they stand a chance of being featured in a video. If I do make a video about your product IT DOESN’T GIVE YOU ANY RIGHTS TO COPY MY CONTENT AND RE-USE IT FOR YOUR OWN MARKETING PURPOSES. You may however share or embed the video via my original YouTube URL.

How do I send you a sticker or other stuff?

See PO box address on the contact page – thank you!

Where can I buy an official T-shirt?

From here. You will look awesome!

Do you attend woodworking shows and exhibitions?

It’s something I’d love to do more often but there’s not much stuff like this in the North East and getting the time to travel is tricky.

I need a handyman to do some work – can you help?

Sorry but no! This web site is for the Gosforth Handyman YouTube channel.

Do you actually run a handyman business?

I used to run a very successful handyman and woodworking business. My focus these days is helping others to learn from my experiences over the years, both in terms of woodworking / DIY and business topics.

Was being a handyman hard?

Running a successful handyman business is the hardest job in the world! OK, with the exception of brain surgery… and teaching. Teaching is really hard! Well done to all the teachers out there. How you do all that with a hangover is beyond me. Oh and nurses… and doctors… and anyone who’s going to fix me when I cut a limb off – you’re all awesome. And a bunch of other jobs are harder too. But being a handyman means being able to turn your hand to just about anything, make a perfect job of it and charge enough that other trades don’t think you’re trying to undercut them. The array of tools you need to carry for even the most basic of jobs is immense. You also have to put up with a minority of customers who view tradespeople as being beneath them and expect you to undercut everyone. I’m proud to say I never did any work for such people.

How did you get in to woodworking?

I think Lego is to blame… probably. I’ve always made things from a really early age. Definitely lots of Lego building, model making, radio control and a load of other stuff. My dad was a sparky but he also had a passion for woodworking so I learnt a huge amount from him. I was hanging around in his workshop from a very early age. My father-in-law is a retired time-served joiner and he took me under his wing. Throughout my life if I couldn’t afford to buy something I’d build it instead. Even when I worked in IT for a long time I was always pretty hands-on – networking cabling, infrastructure and all that jazz. I’ve always been a maker.

You worked in IT?

I worked in IT infrastructure for 16 years. It wasn’t really an intentional career path. That’s a whole other story. Had a company with staff and everything.

Have you always been self employed?

My first taste of self employment was as a freelance MIDI programmer back in 1996. You know when you hear cheesy backing tracks used on karaoke nights? Yes, that. I used to transcribe them. Since then I’ve almost always had some sort of business on the go, even when I was also working in corporate-land.

What the hell is a ‘maker’?

A maker is a person who makes things.

What metal / pipe / cable detector do you use?

I get asked this a lot! It’s a Bosch PDO6 – sadly not made any more but mine has lasted forever. If I was to buy again I’d probably get the Bosch UniversalDetect or the GMS120 Multi Scanner (UK link / US link). Remember no detector is 100% accurate.

How can I help support your channel?

Honestly, your kind words and comments are more than enough and please don’t support me if you can’t afford to do so! There’s more important things in life – like bread. I love bread. Here’s a link to my Patreon and if you want to help out without spending any extra money then have a look at some of the business stuff I use on here or some of the products I use here.┬áThank you so much!