Filling Holes In Walls With 2-Part Filler

This is a little video showing you how I fill small holes and marks in plasterboard using 2-part filler. 2-part resin fillers have a lot of advantages over traditional ready-mixed fillers and I’ll explain a bit more about this later on.

You can watch the full video here:

How to Easily Fill Small Holes using 2-Part Filler

What is 2-part filler?

2-part fillers have been around for a long time, especially in the world of car bodywork. You essentially have a filler and hardener and mix the two together. 2-part fillers work brilliantly for filling holes in plasterboard / drywall since it can be sanded and painted within a matter of minutes, unlike traditional ready-mixed fillers that generally need to be left overnight to dry prior to sanding.

PRO TIP: Mix the filler and hardener in the approximate ratio of a golf ball (filler) to a pea (hardener).

Filling holes with 2-part filler

Once the filler is mixed you need to work quickly as you only have around 5 minutes of working time before it sets solid. If you apply it to the centre of the hole and drag outwards you should be able to achieve a fairly smooth finish and minimise sanding. Try to leave it very slightly proud of the surface so it can be sanded back smooth.

Advantages of 2-part filler

  • Better finish
  • Easier to sand
  • Can be sanded within about 10 minutes of use
  • Takes paint very well (prime then top coat)
  • Can be sanded to ‘zero’
  • Can be used on many different problem surfaces, even on rotten wood

Check if the filler has set by sticking your finger nail in to the surface. There should be no give at all and it should feel totally solid. This normally takes 10-20 minutes. It can then be sanded smooth using 60-80 grit sandpaper, given a coat of primer undercoat and then painted with your final wall colour. 2 coats of final colour should be applied, feathering it in to the surrounding paintwork.

Last updated: 31 Jan 2017
Originally published: 31 Jan 2017


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