Hanging a Medium Weight Mirror with a Chain

In this video I’m hanging a medium weight mirror on plasterboard / drywall for a customer. The mirror is fitted with a chain that, for some reason, is covered in parcel tape. Not sure why the parcel tape was there to be honest.

You can watch the full video here:

Hanging a Medium Weight Mirror on a Chain (single screw)

After checking the weight of the mirror using a set of hanging scales, the first job was to take some measurements. I pulled the chain upwards on my finger to simulate it being hung on the wall – I then took a measurement from the bottom of the chain to the top of the mirror:

Hanging A Mirror

I also measured the width of the mirror and found the centre point. Using the two measurements obtained I could transfer the hanging point to the correct position on the wall.

I used a detector to check for pipes / cables and then used my dust catcher to catch any debris from the drill. A hole was carefully drilled through with a 6mm masonry bit to feel for what was in the wall.

PRO TIP: A masonry bit is much less likely to damage pipes or cables, even in a hollow wall. I avoid using sharp drill bits to drill in to walls until I’m sure there’s no hidden pipes or cables in there!

Once I’d checked the wall was safe to drill in to with a bigger bit, I switched to a 9mm wood bit to make the hole a bit bigger. I then used a single expanding hollow wall anchor and a setting tool. These are rated well beyond the weight of the mirror and are appropriate for hanging something like this.

A spirit level was used to check for level and I always put a tiny dot in the bottom right corner to mark the level point, so if it goes out of level it’s easy for the customer to put it back without having to dig a spirit level out. The dot is hidden by the right hand bottom corner of the picture.

Last updated: 20 Jun 2016
Originally published: 20 Jun 2016


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