Installing a Plasterboard Ceiling by Yourself – Making a Small Workshop (Part 4)

I don’t particularly advise installing a drywall ceiling by yourself, but in this video you can see how I did it. I can’t plaster so please don’t judge!

Watch the video here:

Fitting a Drywall Ceiling by Myself! Workshop Upgrade Part 4

Stud timber was installed in appropriate locations around the ceiling to ensure there were suitable fixing points for the drywall all around the room. 12.5mm tapered edge plasterboard was used for the ceiling, cut using a Stanley knife and screwed in place using drywall screws.

Lifting the bigger sheets in place can be tricky on your own! There was a natural lip around the edge of the room from the new partition wall. This could be used as my ‘extra set of hands’ on the far side of the board. If you don’t have such a lip you can screw a temporary batten to one side to do the same job, leaving approx. 20mm gap to slide the plasterboard in (you don’t need to make it 12.5mm tight to the ceiling – that just makes life awkward).

I then used spare stud timbers at an angle to temporarily hold the drywall while I screwed it to the ceiling. Ideally you should have two people for this job… or use a board lifter, but needs must!

I applied scrim tape to the plasterboard joints and then used joint filler on all of the edges. I can’t plaster to save my life so please don’t judge. Once all the plaster was dry I caulked the edges to provide a good seal to the wall. I fitted additional insulation in the loft space and sanded the ceiling ready for painting.

Last updated: 15 Nov 2016
Originally published: 15 Nov 2016


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