How to Install a TV on a Chimney Breast using Wall Bolts

Today I’m installing a medium-weight TV on a chimney breast in a Victorian property. I’m using wall bolts to hold the new bracket to the wall and cables are run through the cavity of the disused chimney.

You can watch the full video here:

I'm Fitting a TV to a Solid Wall (Chimney Breast) with Wall Bolts [18]

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In this job there was already a TV bracket on the wall held on with a couple of tiny screws. This was removed and cables were run through for all of the a/v wiring. A string was used to pull the cables.

The new bracket was fitted to the TV and correctly aligned. As is usual, no supplied screws actually fitted so I had to use screws from my own personal stash.

The centre point and height was marked on the wall for the new bracket. I then marked holes for drilling. As this was a solid brick wall I needed to use my SDS drill for the 14mm shield anchor holes. I tend to call shield anchors wall bolts.

The bracket was attached to the wall using the wall bolts and tightened with my impact driver. Remaining cabling was run through the wall prior to attaching the TV to the bracket.

Andy Mac

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Andy Mac