Installing a Chrome Corner Shower Shelf

In this video I’m installing a wire corner shower shelf for a customer. This involved removing their old broken shelves and installing the new ones.

How to Replace a Shower Shelf on a Tiled Wall

I removed the existing glass shelves from the wall. The screws were quite badly rusted up so these were challenging to remove! Obviously the shower tray was covered with a dust sheet to avoid any potential damage. WD40 was used to loosen the stuck screws however one of them was completely corroded in place but I managed to get a screwdriver down the side of the fitting to loosen the screw in the wall.

Installing the Corner Shower Shelf

The fittings supplied with the new shelf were instantly disposed of. I managed to install the top two screws in the grout line. A ceramic tile drill bit was used to drill the holes very carefully since it’s notoriously difficult to detect pipes and cables behind tiles. Red 6mm wall plugs were used.

The wall was thoroughly cleaned with a bleach-based mould & mildew remover, dried with paper towel and then further dried using a hairdryer. It’s really important that the holes are completely dry before using silicone to seal old holes. Prior to using the silicone I used some methylated spirits to do a final clean of the surfaces and give a good bond for the silicone.

A matching beige silicone was used. I also put silicone in the new screw holes to provide a good seal to avoid water penetration. 10ga screws were used and I then siliconed up the remaining old holes. I used some soap spray to smooth out the silicone as required. All done!

Last updated: 22 Jun 2016
Originally published: 22 Jun 2016


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