Installing Garden Trellis on a Wall

Today I’m installing some garden trellis on a wall. There’s not much more to it than that! It’s just a very quick video of me putting a small piece of a trellis on a wall for a customer.

You can watch the video here:

I'm Just Fitting Some Garden Trellis To A Wall! [9]

Watch this video on YouTube.

Today I’m installing some wooden trellis on a garden wall. This is a very small job for a regular customer.

Installing the Trellis

First of all holes were marked on the wood to match the mortar lines in the brickwork. This saves having to drill in to brick, which should generally be avoided if possible.

PRO TIP: Bricks are really hard and normally require an SDS drill. Also, if anything goes wrong or the customer changes their mind, you can’t easily fill the holes in bricks. Mortar lines are easier to drill and can be filled with a quick mortar mix if needs be. However, bricks do generally give a better fixing point so for VERY heavy items you may still want to fix in to the brick.

Once the wood was drilled, I checked for level and drilled through the holes I’d already drilled in the wood using a 6mm masonry bit. Red plugs were used, holes were countersunk and 10ga Quicksilver screws were used to provide the final fixings. Nice easy little job!

Andy Mac

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Andy Mac