Makers Central 2018

Wow! I mean, just… WOW! Makers Central 2018 is all done and dusted, I’m back to work making things out of wood but still don’t feel like I’ve come down from what was a really special event. I’ve done a lot of exhibitions over the years, mainly for IT related stuff, but nothing like this. The atmosphere, community, friendliness and general awesomeness was something else! I was only there for the Saturday and kind of now wish I’d done the Sunday too. Saturday a very humbling day and a bit of a blur…

  • 6.15am – Get up, eat bagel, drink coffee, pack truck
  • 7.15am – Pick Glen up, drive to Birmingham
  • 10.45am – Arrive at NEC just in time to miss Jimmy’s talk – d’oh! Have a coffee
  • 11am – 3.30pm – Meet all you lovely people!
  • 4pm – Drop truck off at hotel, grab a cheeseburger en-route, taxi back to NEC
  • 5pm – Last look around Makers Central and meet more awesome makers!
  • 6pm – Drinks and pizza courtesy of Vectric, I wasn’t hungry though since I’d just had a burger, d’oh! …the beers were very welcome though!
  • 8pm – 3am – Drinks back at the hotel with all the lovely makers! In 21 hours all I’d eaten was a tiny cheeseburger. By 3am I was STARVING and McD’s next to the hotel was closed! So our evening meal consisted of Mini Cheddars from the hotel vending machine. What I would have given for some of that pizza now!

A very special thank you to my good friend Glen Beestone from the Newcastle Makerspace for taking some awesome pics from the day. If you don’t want your pic shown on here please let me know.

Thanks again to everyone for coming, I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you. Back to the grind, roll on Makers Central 2019! 🙂


Andy Mac

Andy runs a busy bespoke woodworking business,making everything from custom furniture through to commercial display systems. He's been self employed most of his life, runs various YouTube channels and is co-host of the UK's first commercial joinery podcast.
Andy Mac