Making A Piano Music Holder from Hardwood Ply [62]

Here’s a fun little project! One of my lovely customers wanted a really wide music holder for their piano made from solid wood to match in with the existing finish of their piano. Today I’m making a piano music holder out of hardwood plywood.

Watch the full video here:

Full Joinery Walkthrough – Making a Piano Music Holder from Hardwood Ply [62]

Watch this video on YouTube.

This is just a free-standing piano music holder to sit on top of the existing music holder built in to the piano. It basically allows you to use really wide sheet music… or lots of normal width sheet music.

This is made from hardwood plywood. I glued and brad nailed the bottom ridge in place and then finished the whole piece with a deep mahogany wood dye. Once that was dry I used several coats of thinned down yacht varnish. Very happy customer!