Making a Steampunk Vinyl Record Storage Crate

In this project I’m making a steampunk inspired vinyl record storage crate using reclaimed materials and polished copper handles. The wood is reclaimed from old pallets, put through the planer and all glued and nailed together.

You can watch the whole build video on YouTube here:

Making a Wooden Steampunk Vinyl Storage Crate - Ear Candy!

Vinyl Record Storage

I love my music and wanted something nice but not ‘new’ looking to store my records in. I decided to use reclaimed pallet wood to make a crate.

I started off breaking up a few old pallets and selecting the best bits of timber, particularly looking for anything with nice characteristic marks. I checked for any nails or metal in the wood using a metal detector prior to running it all through my planer / thicknesser to get the wood all uniform. I cut all of the sections to size, always selecting the best bits and chopping off damaged sections. I used my palm router to apply a fine roundover to everything and then glued and brad nailed everything together.

Once the glue was dry I used a shou sugi ban technique to burn the timber to a darker finish. I then used an old chain and hammer to distress the wood slightly so that it didn’t look so new.

I then applied a dark mahogany wood stain to the entire project. Once this was dry I used some brass stencils to apply the ‘EAR CANDY’ text on the front using black spray paint. I then applied a coat of dark wax over the entire project and polished this using a buffing disc on my drill. A couple of coats of wax were applied to achieve the desired finish.

For the hardware I fitted brass plumbing off-set brackets designed for 15mm copper pipe to the bottom. I then made some legs from copper pipe and polished these using Brasso. The copper handles are bolted through the sides prior to soldering the remaining parts of the handle on, keeping the external fittings entirely hidden. Again these handles were polished with Brasso.

This was a fun project for myself. It’s now filled with what I can only describe as ear candy!

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