Making Exhibition Display Stands from MDF

In this project I’m making exhibition display stands for a Lego exhibition. This is a Lego display by Brick This as part of the Great Exhibition of the North. The project entailed making an 8m long display unit with an array of pedestals to display the models on.

Watch the full video here:

I'm Making MDF Huge Display Stands for a Lego Exhibition

Making exhibition display stands

My joinery business was commissioned to build an array of display equipment for the wonderful Great Exhibition of the North. This included:

  •  8 x 1m long display cabinets
  • All with raised backs
  • Around 50 display pedestals / plinths
  • Angled name display boards

Everything needed finished in a semi-gloss white, hard wearing paint ready for the 3 month exhibition duration.

The cabinets are made from 18mm MDF and designed to be flat-packable for easy transport and storage. These are built around a framework of CLS timber and then painted to a smooth white finish. The cabinets are designed so that they can be easily joined together in one long continuous run.

The display plinths are also made from 18mm MDF. Some are hollow, designed for models to be displayed internally. Some are free-standing and some are wall-hung, to go on the rear panel of the display unit.

The angled display boards are completely bespoke and made from a combination of 18mm and 12mm MDF. They’re designed around the size of custom-printed Lego ‘name plates’ which neatly sit in one continuous runner.

The exhibition is open in Newcastle upon Tyne from 22nd June to 9th September 2018. It’s free entry and open daily from 10am to 6pm. Well worth a visit, plus you get to see the beautiful Mining Institute! For more information about Steve’s amazing models visit Brick This.

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