Making Simple MDF Wardrobe Shelving

In this project the customer had a walk-in wardrobe that needed some extra storage space for clothes. They needed a custom-built shelving unit with hanging rail to the side. Also, existing hanging rails were badly installed and needed repaired.

You can watch the full video here:

Installing Simple MDF Dressing Room Shelving & Clothes Rails

Making Some Simple MDF Wardrobe Shelving

I put together a rough design of the project using SketchUp. SketchUp is 3D modelling software and ideal for jobs like this to make sure your idea for the build matches what the customer is looking for. Once the customer had signed-off on the design I made a start on building everything.

A battery operated circular saw was used to cut the MDF panels down to size. I cut everything for the sides and shelves in the workshop and did a dry assembly of the unit. Once I was sure everything fitted together correctly I dismantled it all and gave it a coat of white water-based primer / undercoat. With projects like this it’s MUCH easier to paint prior to assembly if at all possible. A top coat of washable emulsion was used prior to on-site installation.

On-site Installation

The unit was flat packed and taken to site for installation. Skirting board behind the unit was removed using a multi-cutter. The unit was held to the wall using L-brackets. I then installed the shelving, repaired the existing shelving and installed the hanging rails prior to giving it all a final coat of paint. The whole project took about 2 and a half days including all of the painting.

Last updated: 11 Aug 2016
Originally published: 11 Aug 2016


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