Making a MDF Door – Making a Small Workshop (Part 7)

I need a door for my workshop so today I’m making a MDF door! I’m also using parts from an old reclaimed door to make the window in my new door. The reclaimed door is solid mahogany and this will be used on future projects.

You can watch the full video here:

Making a MDF Door and Door Frame (from a reclaimed door) - Workshop Upgrade Part 7

I wanted the door to my workshop to be made out of MDF since this would probably provide the best sound and heat insulation. I also wanted it to have a window so that anyone coming in the garage could see when I’m working before entering the room.

I used 12mm MDF with a 18mm framework – this made the whole door 42mm thick. I cut the MDF to size and then glued the framework in place using wood glue. I also used some screws in places to provide some additional support on the edges. An internal framework was added around where I knew the window would be going. The top 12mm skin of the door was then glued in place. Holes were filled using 2-part filler.

The hinges were fitted to the frame and the door. The door lock was pre-fitted as it was easier to route it out while it was on the floor.

Door Reclamation – Solid Mahogany!

I had a reclaimed door sitting the workshop left over from another job. The customer wanted me to dispose of it – I knew this would be useful for future projects. After removing all of the glass I trimmed out the rails and stiles. As suspected, these were solid mahogany and will be used on several future projects. Two panes of glass were cleaned up and a frame was made to hold them.

I fitted the custom-made MDF door in to the frame – it fits perfectly. I then cut a hole to the dimensions of the double glazed window unit I made. This was temporarily held in place with wedges and siliconed around the edges to provide a strong, flexible bond. Trims were then added on both sides to finish it all off. After caulking up any gaps, the door was given a coat of primer undercoat and painted with water-based gloss paint. It looks really awesome, it’s really solid and you’ve just witnessed the birth of my #stickerdoor!

Last updated: 8 Feb 2017
Originally published: 8 Feb 2017


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