Making Some Random Design Bookshelves

In this project I’m making some random design bookshelves for a customer. These built-in alcove units are of a modern contemporary style with low profile push to open lower units and asymmetric random upper shelving.

You can watch a timelapse video of the build here:

I'm Making Random Design Bookshelves / Alcove Units (Timelapse)

Random design bookshelves

This was a two stage build process and the above video covers the installation of the upper ‘random’ shelving. I’d installed the lower cabinets beforehand.

Here’s a more in-depth walk-through of the job:

Making Random Design Alcove Shelving - Full Walkthrough

Construction process of the lower cabinets

The lower cabinets are made from standard 18mm MDF. They’re identical units, built in the workshop. I then fitted them in to place, trimmed out the sides with panels scribed to the walls and fitted a top surface again scribed to the back wall. The cabinets were fitted with sleek push-to-open doors.

Construction of the upper random shelving

The upper shelving was actually quite a tricky build. It’s made from triple-layer 12mm MDF giving an overall shelf thickness of 36mm, which was correctly proportioned for units of this size. False dados were built in to the shelves to support the next shelf up etc. Finally the whole unit was painted with 3 coats of Dulux Satinwood paint (1 x primer, 2 x topcoat).

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