IKEA Ekby Shelves using Reclaimed Solid Birch

Today fitting some IKEA shelves… more to the point, I’m using Ekby Bjarnum brackets to fit reclaimed solid birch shelves. The birch is reclaimed from an old IKEA table and looks stunning once it’s all cleaned up.

You can watch the full video here:

Making Reclaimed Birch Shelves using IKEA Ekby Bjarnum brackets

For this project the customer needed some heavy duty kitchen shelves in a matching wood to existing timber in their property. IKEA Ekby Bjarnum shelf brackets were used as these are extremely heavy duty. I then made the solid birch timber shelves from an IKEA table that was otherwise destined for landfill! Wood from this table will be salvaged and used for several future projects. The birch wood was completely stripped down, ripped to the correct size using the table saw, sanded and the edges chamfered using a palm router.

The shelf brackets were attached to the wall using 6mm red wall plugs and 10ga Quicksilver screws. It was simply a case of fitting one side of the bracket, inserting the wood in the end and then fitting the other side. These are extremely simple to fit. The main thing is in a brick wall you’ll probably need an SDS drill to drill the holes. The shelves with given a couple of coats of water-based clear varnish and they look absolutely stunning.

Last updated: 5 Oct 2016
Originally published: 5 Oct 2016


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