Making a Stud Partition Wall in a Garage – Making a Small Workshop (Part 1)

Welcome to the first in my series of videos where I’m upgrading my garage workshop to Workshop Version 2.0! In this video I make a start by building some temporary stud partition walls.

You can watch the full video here:

Making a Temporary Stud Partition Wall - Workshop Upgrade Part 1

I’m just building a partition wall down the middle(ish) of my garage. This is a double garage and two thirds of it will be my workshop side, the other side will be dedicated to the storage of various kid’s toys. I needed to build an off-set doorway so that the other garage door could still open properly.

I started off by fitting the top plate of the stud wall to the bottom chord of one of the roof trusses. The bottom plate was screwed directly to the concrete floor. The studs were installed using L-brackets – this is an easy way of installing the studs by yourself since the wall will be largely supported by the MDF sheets anyway. This also makes it much easier to dismantle at a later date since this is just temporary. I wouldn’t generally recommend this method for plasterboard / drywall sheets. The studs were installed at 610mm centres to match up with the size of the MDF sheets. Tarpaulin sheet was hung as a temporary measure until I had a chance to fit the MDF. Horizontal nogins were fitted along the length of the wall.

Last updated: 30 Oct 2016
Originally published: 30 Oct 2016


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