Moving A Kitchen Unit & American Fridge Install

Welcome back! Today I’m moving a kitchen unit and installing an American-style fridge / freezer. This involved a fair bit of work since a tile needed fitting in the gap where the unit was.

You can watch the full video here:

Moving a Kitchen Base Unit & Installing an American Style Fridge / Freezer

Moving A Kitchen Unit

Prior to moving the kitchen unit, I started off by stripping down the unit that needed to be moved. I took the shelves out, doors off, removed the splashback upright from the back and removed the section of worktop. After cutting through the caulk holding the unit to the wall, it could then be carefully lifted out of the road.

One of the floor tiles (to the right of the unit) needed to be removed completely and replaced with a full tile. A multi-cutter was used to cut through the grout line prior to removing the tile with a crow-bar. I used a hammer and chisel to remove the old tile cement from the floor, leaving a perfectly clear area for the new tile.

Prior to fitting the tile I did a quick dry-fit to double check there wouldn’t be any problems. I then mixed up a small batch of tile adhesive. The floor was dampened slightly prior to laying out a full bed of cement. The tile was then carefully fitted and leveled. This was allowed to dry overnight.

The excess skirting was removed using a multi-cutter. The removed piece was transferred to the other side of the unit. After 24 hours I mixed up a small batch of tile grout to match the customer’s existing grout. This was applied and excess removed with a grout squeegee.

Re-Fitting Of Kitchen Unit

The kitchen unit was re-fitted in the new location, using plugs and screws to hold the unit to the wall. The sides of the unit were caulked to the wall to leave a neat finish. I used a 2-part filler to cover the join in the skirting board that was moved previously. This was sanded to a smooth finish and primed so you couldn’t see the join once it was finished. The worktop, upright, doors, shelf, plinth and drawers were refitted.

Installing the American Fridge / Freezer

The water supply pipe for the fridge was fed through the wall – the end was covered in tape to stop any debris from going down the pipe. The pipe was screwed to the wall using the supplied pipe clips – I also used some hot glue as an extra support for the pipe to make the job a bit neater. The water supply was switched off and I broke in to the main cold-water mains pipe-work in the utility room to take a feed using a brass compression T-fitting. Potable jointing compound was used on the compression joints. Finally the water supply was connected up, fridge powered on and the appropriate amount of water was drained through to flush out the system. The fridge was moved in to place and everything works great! The whole job took about a day and a half.

Last updated: 29 Jul 2016
Originally published: 29 Jul 2016


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