Painting MDF Walls – Making a Small Workshop (Part 5)

Welcome to part 5 in my workshop upgrade series! Today I’m finally decorating the place and painting MDF walls. These are being painted white to make the space nice and bright.

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Painting MDF Walls – Workshop Upgrade (Part 5)

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Deliberate gaps were left between the MDF panels to allow for any expansion and contraction of the wood. Everything was then washed down ready for painting. The ceiling was primed with a 50/50 matt white emulsion and water mix. The MDF was primed using Leyland Acrylic Primer Undercoat. Everything was then given 2 coats of matt white emulsion top coat. Sorted – nice and bright!

Andy Mac

For many years Andy ran a successful property maintenance business. He's established and run award winning companies over the years and has been self employed most of his life. He now shares his experiences via several YouTube channels and the UK's first commercial joinery podcast.
Andy Mac