In 2018 Andy set up the Measuring Up Podcast¬†with Peter Millard. It’s the UK’s first commercial joinery podcast. The show is hosted by Andy MacLellan (Gosforth Handyman on YouTube) and Peter Millard (10 Minute Workshop on YouTube). They chat about everything from winning customers through to tool talk and the daily challenges of self employment. Find it on the podcast player of your choice – just search for Measuring Up Podcast or you can listen shows directly from the website.

Measuring Up Podcast

Past Episodes

Here’s just a small selection of topics that have been discussed on the show so far – lots more to come so don’t forget to subscribe via your podcast app!

  • How we got started in the world of joinery
  • Keeping healthy in the workshop
  • Job pricing
  • Mobile tech
  • Making a podcast
  • GDPR
  • YouTube AI
  • Woodworking books