8m Metric Only Tape Measure Original Design (single)


  • Gosforth Handyman Tape Measure
  • 8m x 25mm
  • Metric only
  • Dual reading & dual sided
  • Double-sided hook
  • Locking brake & finger brake
  • EC Class 2 accurate

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By popular demand! Welcome to the 8m version of the classic Gosforth Handyman tape measure. This is the big brother to the original 5m tape. As far as I’m concerned this is one of the best tape measures available at the moment. It’s metric only, double-sided and dual-reading so you can read it any way up for left or right handed measurements. This is really handy as no more reading the scale upside down and you can mark from either side of the blade. Full specs:

  • Gosforth Handyman Tape Measure branding
  • 8m x 25mm
  • Metric only
  • Dual reading & dual sided
  • Non-reflective blade
  • Double-sided hook
  • Locking brake
  • Finger ‘pause’ brake
  • Rubber grip
  • ABS plastic case
  • Belt clip
  • Professional EC Class 2 accurate
  • 3 rivet end hook

This is a professional-grade EC class 2 tape measure.

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