Products I Use

Our Little Shop – Woodworking Plans & Merch

Welcome to our own little shop! A few Gosforth Handyman branded keepsakes, personally sourced, stocked and delivered by us – metric only tape measures, pencils, stickers, high quality woodworking plans and more. By buying from us direct you’re doing your bit to support small local businesses rather than giant conglomerates. Thank you!

Gosforth Handyman Shop

Awesome Joinery & Maker T-Shirts

By popular demand there’s now a full range of joinery, carpentry and maker clothing on Teespring. T-shirts, hoodies and much more. If you’re a woodworker, maker or want to find the perfect present for the important person in your life you might find it here! Orders are fulfilled by Teespring – worldwide shipping.

Awesome Maker T-Shirts

Tools & Products I Use

I’m often asked what joinery, carpentry & woodworking tools are used in my videos so here’s a list to help you find some of them. These orders are all handled directly via Amazon / Ebay etc.:

Tools and Products I Use

Obviously some of the tools I use are old and you can’t buy them any more, so I’ve tried to find equivalent newer models where possible, or models I’d consider purchasing when tools finally give up the ghost. Hope you find this useful!