Gardening Products

Here’s a bunch of products, tools and other items you may have seen on my Andy Mac amateur gardening channel. If you need any of this stuff it would be massively appreciated if you could use the affiliate links below. You can read more about affiliate links and why I use them here.

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There’s a more comprehensive list of gardening stuff on my Amazon Storefront here.

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Below are some mini reviews and links to some of the more common products I use. Everything else can be found on the Amazon storefront above. Thank you!

Greenhouse getting too hot?

The Bayliss XL seems to be the de-facto greenhouse auto vent in the UK. Designed for top opening roof windows. Around £25 each, easy to install (with some minor modifications for my greenhouse!) and so far it’s worked flawlessly. Link to product. Watch my installation video here.

Bayliss XL review of automatic greenhouse vent

Need to prune really tall trees?

I needed a really long saw on a stick to prune some huge trees. Found this 26ft pole saw on Amazon and it does the job great. Obviously the quality is somewhat suspect – the blade is a bit floppy but the poles themselves seem to be solid. Looks like they’re made of fibreglass. No issues so far. Link to product. Watch my video about it here.

Pole saw for pruning very tall trees

Bluetooth thermometer with temperature logging

I’ve used these little Govee digital thermometers for years and they’re great. Fantastic for monitoring the temperature in the greenhouse. It logs everything and you can download the data as a .csv for future analysis. Connects via Bluetooth and the Govee Home app (not WiFi!). My only gripe is the temperature scale of the app is awful. It shows an ‘average temperature’ line but doesn’t show a line for 0 degrees. Very annoying. Apart from that I’ve had no issues. Link to product. Bit more info about what it does in this video.

Music while you work! JBL Charge 5 bluetooth speaker

My trusty companion in the greenhouse when Mrs Mac isn’t around! I use it to listen to podcasts, music, audio books and all sorts. I’m a bit of a poundshop audiophile and as far as I’m concerned this is the best sounding bluetooth speaker I’ve ever used. The bass is incredible for such a small unit. I bought a separate carry case to protect it when taking it on holidays etc. Link to product.

I’ll continue to add to this list as long as I’m motivated to do so. If you want to know more about a specific product don’t hesitate to get in touch. Read more about affiliate links here.