Property Maintenance Tools & Products (UK version)

Want to get started in woodworking, DIY or property maintenance but not sure what tools to buy? Hopefully the below will help. These are all tools I either currently use, have used or would consider using.

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My Amazon Store is the most up to date and will take over from the list below, so probably best to start there. This also helps to support the channel and doesn’t cost you any extra. Click here to get started.

If you’re based in the US visit this page instead but I’m afraid the US list isn’t very up to date. Below is my old product / tool list and includes some extra stuff that might not be available on Amazon. It’s very out of date so you’re best checking my Amazon Store first.

These are mostly affiliate links and you can read more about that here.

Health, Safety & First Aid

Big Joinery Power Tools

Smaller Joinery Power & Air Tools

Saw Blades

Drill Bits

Glues, Fixings, Spacers etc.

Wall Plugs & Setting Tool

Filling & Sanding

Bits & Bit Holders

Measuring & Marking

Woodworking Clamps

Paints & Finishes

Shelving & Brackets

Woodworking  & Other Books

Other Stuff

Camera & Tech Gear

A quick note about buying your own  joinery tools

We have a very simple attitude to buying tools – we buy the best tools we can afford to get the job done. We’re not tied to any particular brand or sponsor and prefer to keep options open so that we can buy the best tool available. Obviously some of the joinery tools used are old and you can’t buy them any more, so we’ve tried to find equivalent newer models where possible, or models we’d consider purchasing when our tools finally give up the ghost. As such this list is constantly evolving so please keep checking back! Do your own homework – our product links are just intended as a starting point so you know what we’d consider using. Keeping this list up to date is a bit of a challenge so if you spot a mistake please get in touch – thank you!

Last updated: 14 June 2023