How to Make Heavy Duty Garage Shelves

I need some big heavy duty garage shelves and in this video you can watch me making some! These are made from left over stud timber and MDF. They’re VERY strong and add some great storage space to the garage.

Watch the video here:

Making Heavy Duty Garage Shelves using CLS Timber

Vertical support were installed on to the walls at either side of the shelves. These were installed using CLS stud timber (38 x 63mm). By having these the full height of the garage it makes it easy to add additional shelves or adjust the height of these ones in the future.

The bottom horizontal supports were screwed in place slightly higher than the floor, just to avoid any potential damp transfer from the concrete floor to the shelves. Once the horizontal supports were screwed in place and all nice and level, it was simply a case of installing the 18mm MDF shelving. The were screwed in place using Turbogold woodscrews and a slight chamfer was applied to the front edge using a spokeshave. These shelves aren’t pretty but offer some great heavy duty storage.

Last updated: 21 Nov 2016
Originally published: 21 Nov 2016


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