Repairing a Big Back Gate

This is just a quick repair to a back gate that wouldn’t lock and wasn’t hanging straight. I had to re-attach the gate post in to the wall properly and fit a new lock.

You can watch the full video here:

I'm repairing a Big Back Gate!

This Victorian property had a large double back gate fitted. The gate posts had slipped and the gate wasn’t hanging straight, causing it to catch on the ground. I wedged the gate to the correct location and drilled new holes through in to the brickwork using an SDS drill. Large plastic wall plugs / anchors were used along with coach bolts to secure the post to the wall properly. The gate was now solid and hangs great.

On the order side the top of the gate needed planed down slightly as it was catching in the frame. Once this was done the gate closed with no problems. All of the bolts were re-fitted so they worked properly and freely. Finally, a new lock was fitted and I painted any bare wood to ensure it was protected from the elements. Not sure what I cut my finger on… made a joiner’s plaster. Sorted.

Last updated: 7 Oct 2016
Originally published: 7 Oct 2016


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