How to Run LED Lights off AA Batteries?

I want a way of running LED fairly lights, designed for mains use, off AA batteries so that I can take them camping and the like! These are just bog standard Christmas fairy lights, I refuse to may any more than a couple of quid for this utterly pointless project.

Watch the video here:

Running LED Lights off AA Batteries for Camping – Don't Watch, This is Cr*p! [59]

Watch this video on YouTube.

I bought a couple of 8-cell AA battery holders off eBay. 8 x 1.5V = 12V and I have them wired in parallel to double the capacity… at least I think that’s what I did. Perhaps I needed 24V wired in series? Either way, I put them in a plastic pot and fitted a couple of power jacks so I could plug the LEDs in. I had to eat a copious amount of Harribo Giant Strawberries to complete this wonderful project. Not pretty – works great.

Andy Mac

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Andy Mac