How Quickly Do Woodscrews Rust? Screw Corrosion Test! [3]

Have you ever wondered how quickly woodscrews start to rust? Are you concerned whether you can use certain screws for outdoor projects? Today I’m starting a very unscientific test to see how long it takes for a bunch of Screwfix screws to rust in normal tap water and salty water.

You can watch Part 1 of this series here:

SCREW RUST TEST (Part 1) How Quickly do Woodscrews Corrode? TEST TUESDAY! [3]

Watch this video on YouTube.

I’m testing a bunch of Screwfix wood screws to see how quickly they rust. One batch in water, one batch in salty water and one batch on a fence open to the elements. In this video I found out that after 20 days pretty much nothing happened. The following screws were tested:

  • Screwfix QuickSilver Round Head – 10ga x 1″
  • Screwfix QuickSilver Countersunk – 10ga x 1.5″
  • Screwfix QuickSilver Countersunk – 10ga x 2.5″
  • Screwfix TurboGold Countersunk – 4mm x 45mm
  • Screwfix Goldscrew Round Head – 4mm x 30mm

How Quickly Do Screws Rust? THE RESULTS!

You can check out the results video here:

Screw Rust Test (Part 2) THE RESULTS! TEST TUESDAY! [16]

Watch this video on YouTube.

I’m absolutely stunned with how corrosion resistant these bog-standard workhorse screws are! There aren’t specifically designed for outdoor use but I would be comfortable using them in all but the harshest environments. Watch this space and I’ll report back on the screws in the fence!