Skirting Board Repair (Baseboard) After Damp Proof Course

Have you ever been damp? I mean, in your walls? Have you ever had damp walls? Today I’m doing some skirting board repair.

You can watch the full video here:

Skirting Board / Baseboard Repair After Damp Proof [19]

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This is a turn of the century Victorian property where an injection damp-proofing has been carried out. The damp people, I mean the people who did the damp-proofing… they weren’t wet… or at least I don’t think they were, I wasn’t there. Anyway, they somehow managed to install the damp-proof AND completely re-plaster the wall without removing the skirting. Quite impressive really! I just had to re-fit the skirting board and make it all lovely looking. Wasn’t that complicated really.


Andy Mac

Andy runs a busy bespoke woodworking business,making everything from custom furniture through to commercial display systems. He's been self employed most of his life, runs various YouTube channels and is co-host of the UK's first commercial joinery podcast.
Andy Mac