Making A Small Parts Storage Rack for Stanley SortMasters

It’s time to make a storage rack for my Stanley SortMaster boxes. This will make small parts storage much better in my workshop. The rack is really simple to construct and very robust.

You can watch the full video here:

Small Parts Storage – Making a Sorter Rack for Stanley SortMasters [53]

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Making a Rack for Small Parts Storage

For this project I used 18mm softwood plywood. I had a batch of ply left over from another project that had a really nice paint-grade finish. I used my biscuit jointer to cut slots all the way around the back of the unit. I then glued it all together using Titebond II wood glue. After carefully aligning everything I used my brad nailer to hold everything in position while the glue dried.

Metal Support Rails

I used some 23.5mm x 23.5mm x 1m galvanised steel equal sided angle strips for the rails. I cut these to size using my Evolution R210CMS mitre saw. I made a small MDF template box to use as a temporary spacer while screwing the angle strips in position.

Finishing Touches

Finally I applied a small round-over using my palm router to the whole front edge, just to get it looking a bit fancy. The full unit weighs over 50kg so it’s pretty heavy. It’s held on the wall with 6 x 10ga Quicksilver wood screws. Absolutely solid and works brilliantly!

Andy Mac

Andy runs a busy bespoke woodworking business,making everything from custom furniture through to commercial display systems. He's been self employed most of his life, runs various YouTube channels and is co-host of the UK's first commercial joinery podcast.
Andy Mac