What Tools does a Handyman Need?

I don’t often do handyman jobs these days but I’m just back from doing some bits & pieces for a regular customer and thought I’ve give you a quick run-down of everything I take with me on ALL handyman jobs. As well as these being tools for handyman jobs I also take this full set of tools to most joinery jobs along with all the other usual staples for carpentry work on-site such as the track saw, work bench, clamps, planes, jigsaw and a whole host of other gear. This is just my essentials.

You can watch the full video here:

What sort of handyman work do you do?

For most handyman work you need to be prepared for a LOT of different scenarios and eventualities and your tool kit will largely revolve around the sort of work you do. For example I don’t do any plumbing or electrics these days but back in the day I used to do the odd smaller job if the customer couldn’t find a plumber prepared to take it on – e.g. changing tap washers, unblocking sinks and all sorts of other lovely stuff mostly revolving around removing 20 years of hair from a shower waste… mmm, nice. I had a whole separate set of gear for this sort of work.

Anyway, I’m more talking about the carpentry side of handyman work here – so for example:

  • Putting up pictures
  • Hanging mirrors
  • Fitting door trims / thresholds
  • Fitting TVs to walls
  • Fitting shelves
  • Attaching wardrobes & bookcases to walls

For many years the above were the bread and butter of my business while I built up the cabinetmaking side of things. These days 95% of what I do is finish carpentry, built-ins and bespoke stuff… but I still try to help my regular customers out if I can.

Tools for handyman jobs

The below isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, I’d view this as the bare minimum. If you work in a country that doesn’t have solid brick or concrete walls you can probably get away without the SDS drill… although it’s still a handy tools for many other jobs. You can find links to a lot of the tools & products I use here if you’re in the UK and here if you’re in the US. Here goes:

  • 25m mains extension lead
  • Working step-up platform
  • Ladders big enough to reach most ceilings
  • Dust sheets
  • Buckets (plus dustpan & brush AND BLUE ROLL!)
  • Vacuum
  • Main tool box
  • Combi drill & impact driver
  • SDS drill & bits
  • Screws
  • Wall plugs & STUFF
  • Wide selection of drill bits
  • Problem solving bag (fillers, caulks, paints etc.)

I also carry on me:

PRO TIP: ALWAYS keep keys in your pockets or somewhere on your person. If you don’t get in this habit I guarantee at some point you’ll lock yourself out of someone’s house!

There you go – hope you found that useful! As I say this is just what I view as the bare essentials for the sort of work I do. I’ll do a bit of a more detailed breakdown of what screws I use, stuff in my tool box and other stuff at a later date so don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube. Let me know what you think via Twitter or share a pic of the stuff you take on jobs via Instagram – cya next time!

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