Walking on Sunshine!

In case you’re not aware, over the last couple of weeks the UK has been hit by an arctic blast of biblical proportions, or at least that’s what the media would have you believe. To be fair, the North East of England was hit pretty hard – there was an amber weather warning covering the North of the UK for a few days… which encompassed the North East… and there was another amber weather warning that covered the South of the UK for a few more days… which also encompassed the North East. So really we got hit twice and some parts of rural Northumberland had quite massive snow drifts – I just had a drive up the A696 towards Powburn at the weekend and although the roads were clear some of the drifted snow on the verges was well over 8 feet high. Even in my truck this would make me a bit nervous. We’re just not cut out for extreme weather in the UK!

The biggest struggle for me has been keeping the workshop warm. Last week the temperatures were as low as -10C through the night around here and -4C through the day. My little workshop warms up pretty quickly, even with my feeble fan heater, but for the best will in the world it doesn’t stay warm for long when the heater isn’t on and it’s -10C outside. Starting each day in a FREEZING workshop is hard work and I really struggle to get motivated when the weather is like this. Not to mention constantly dragging snow in to my workshop – I swear I had a snow drift IN my garage at one point!

Today though has been different! Most of the snow has melted and there’s been a noticeable jump in temperature. Perfect timing too since I was on a job today installing a fire surround I’ve been building (the art deco one you might have seen on a vid or on Insta). Coupled with this I was fitting quadrant beading around two rooms – this involved a LOT of fiddly angled cuts and wasn’t really a job for indoors. So I had my portable mitre station set up outside… and guess what folks? I was working in a polo shirt for most of the day! I’m not going to jinx it ’cause I said Spring was in the air a couple of weeks ago and look what happened… but the sun was out, the birds were singing, it wasn’t blowing a hoolie. OK it was still only about 8 degrees C but I was in and out the house cutting mitres and nail gunning like a good’un – I was boiling! Ignoring the fact that I’m full of cold, joinery life goes on and I feel genuinely enthused by an hour or so of working in the sunshine! Finishing off that job tomorrow then on to the next project. Cya later folks!

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