What’s in My Makita Drill Box?

I’ve had my trusty Makita impact driver & combi drill set for a while now – in fact it’s getting really old… anyway, let’s take a quick look at what I take on jobs in my Makita drill box!

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What's In The Box? Job Site Drill Bits in my Makita Drill Box
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Where’s the product links?

I can’t really link to every single drill bit and accessory I use as the list would be MASSIVE but…

What’s my ‘default’ bits?

  • Impact driver: Pozi 2 bit
  • Combi-drill: 6mm masonry bit

The above are just what I leave on my impact and combi all the time as that’s predominantly what I use. Obviously I swap to whatever I need for the job as required.

What’s in my main drill compartment?

  • Combi-drill
  • Impact driver
  • Metal detector
  • Patent dust catcher
  • Wera screwdriver with rapidator bit holder
  • Frog tape
  • Pozi 2 impact torsion driver bits
  • Selection of smaller pilot drills etc.

I generally don’t carry a charger unless I’m on a job where there’s a possibility I’ll drain both batteries, which is fairly rare to be honest.

What’s in the hidden compartment?

  • Full selection of screwdriver bits, torx, hex etc.
  • Socket adaptors & extension bit holder
  • Selection of smaller drill bits
  • Small screwdriver
  • Small spirit level
  • Reverse thread screw removers
  • Tile bits
  • Self-countersinking bits
  • Masonry bits
  • Larger wood bits
  • Flat bits
  • Spare fuses

Since making this video I’m moved all of my drill bits etc. out of the hidden compartment since the plastic hinge on it started to break and all the bits kept falling out. So I now use a Stanley SortMaster for drill bit storage and so far that’s working pretty well.


Andy Mac